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Saturday, August 31, 2013

KALA KACHHA gang terror in BIR SUJRA

Bir Sujra Village in kurukshetra district of haryana , is under immense terror pressure now a days. People are forced to awake full night and stay alert all the time. KALA KACCHA gang is spreading its brutal terror in various parts of haryana . Lot of neighboring villages of BIR SUJRA are attacked recently by the gang. People of this gang are said to be amassed with all dangerous equipment s and ammunition . They are not only robbing of the wealth ,money , jewelry, cards But also injuring and killing the people and in many cases abducting the ladies . In neighboring village MAJRA and Narayan Gagh they have attacked a lot of people , houses and animals . Every day early in the morning people hear a dreadful news from one village or other . Police is totally incapable or unwilling to provide enough security and safety to the people. Near By town Babain is facing huge problem due to this terror . People are not able to devote enough time to their work in day time as they have to spend sleepless night . Sarpanch of the village Bir Sujra should seek the support of district administration to get enough police force in the village So that people can feel a bit relieved.
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