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Friday, October 11, 2013

Bir Sujra gearing up for dusshera 2013 Festival

People in Bir Sujra are reaching towards one of their favorite festival - Dusshera . All preparations are on full swing to celebrate the festival with same joy.

children ,elders , farmers ,shopkeepers all are awaiting for the festival desperately. All india television talked to few People to know their view on the importance of festival in their life 

Mohan lal saini - I am working in private company in delhi and this occasion gives me a very good opportunity to spend some quality time with entire family in village So it's really a much awaited festival for me.

Jeeta Singh Saini -- We are living like a scattered family all across the north India and we ave historical tradition to celebrate the festival in Bir Sujra Home . So it's wonderful experience to get together every year and share the happiest moments with all Bujra Sujra People.

DharamPal : Being connected to political fraternity It gives me an opportunity to get connected to the people better and understand their view on upcoming electoral trends. Thus it enriches my knowledge about BIR sujra village People.

Chameli Devi : I am aged enough to move So not able to walk to every home . On Dussehera people come themselves to my home and wishes me good luck for good health . Thus it's great time to get to see the whole lot of people all over again every year.

Praveen Kumar saini : I am a shopkeeper So from that perspective this festival gives huge boost to my business . There are around 2000 children in the village and they like to buy all sort of things like arrows ,bows , fences , crackers ,sweets , dresses and many other things including Dussehera Special . So me me its kind of getting all my fingers soaked deep in deshi Ghee. 

Bali : I am a tailor . Being a tailor , It gives me opportunity to sew new dresses for people . Thus help me take my occupation to new heights . I feel highly delighted when people wear the dresses on Dussehera  tailored by me   .

There are many more people we could talk to including Saroj saini , Manoj Kumar , Mamta , Lalita , Lalli , Nanna , Biram , Joney , Dholi , Hapu ,Monu .. Will cover their exclusive interview in some other post . 

For now wish you all a very happy dussehera from me me BIR SUJRA

BIR SUJRA - ON THE ROCK - It's not a joke..

But we should not forget Our India where so many children are striving hard to fight the cold waves . Poverty is forcing then to die . Let's bring light to their life Only then Dussehera will be truly celebrated.


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