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Friday, September 13, 2013

Knowledge Is power !

 Obstacles should never stop you from achieving your goals in life. When you’ve achieved one  goal, their will always be another waiting.
God will only give you what you can handle; frustration can confuse you, so remember to pace yourself each step you take.

At Moms Press Play; the goal is to keep you motivated with your education, help find the correct resources to work from home, and tutoring our children to success. 

A mother’s job never ends; the key is to press play everyday with no excuses.

“We are the ones who never give up, and when we feel that we can’t, we fight the urge because:      
365-days/year, we are on a 24hr shift (most of the time), remember:
“If you don’t do it, who will”                                                          

            "Our children need us yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Moms PressPlay-today"


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